About Konfili

I am an entrepreneur in Wädenswil and produce at home. Since I was young I’ve always liked cooking and baking : it runs in the family! My friends have always told me I should sell and share my products and creations with other people. 

I make  jams, pestos, chutneys and granolas with fresh fruits and vegetables from the Wädenswil area.  

I bake too. Mainly cakes, biscuits/cookies from France my home country.

I make it a point to use seasonal fruits and vegetables from local producers.

I can produce on order when demanded. I also have a stall at the local market in Wädenswil every Saturday from the end of March until the end of November.

I don’t use any preservatives! Thus my clients get  personnally taken care of and the freshness of my products is guaranteed.

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